Let InvisionLog monitor important metrics and get alerted when a value falls out of a specific range.

Setup email settings

Before you can setup an alert in your Dashboard it is important to know that you have to add a few SMTP settings first.

To do this navigate to: Settings -> Alert Integrations -> Email Settings.
On that page click on the Add email settings button. A popup will appear.

Simply fill in the right credentials of your SMTP server. You can test the connection by clicking on the Test connection button. If it works, then save your settings.

Setup an alert

Alerts are triggered based on the metric values from your chart.

To setup an alert you have to create a line chart or bar chart in your Dashboard first.

Inside the Dashboard Widget Settings popup there is an Alerts tab.

Click on the Alerts tab to open te settings. Simply set a threshold value and select the Email settings created earlier.

Once selected hit the Update button to save your changes. Your chart will now have a horizontal line. If a value goes above that line, then an alert will be triggered.

Alerts are processed in the background. You don't have to keep your dashoard page, or your browser open.
Also note: The Refresh Rate setting of your chart will not affect the time it takes to send an alert.

When are alerts send?

When configuring a line chart or a bar chart then at some point you can specify the period interval for that chart.

If for example this is set to Period interval: by 1 hour. An alert will then only be sent when the value, in the range of the last hour on the chart, falls above the set threshold value then an alert will be sent. This will always be one alert per interval period.

So when the next hour starts, and a value will then again go above the set threshold value, then a new alert will be sent.